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Oh! You Pretty Things, Don't You Know You're Driving Your Mamas and Papas Insane [entries|friends|calendar]

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Mr Blue Sky [28 Oct 2005|11:47am]
[ mood | dorky ]

It's half term, and it's the Friday of the half term.

This half term i have been doing not alot, but it has been fun. I'm no entirely sure what I havebeen doing, but I know that most of it has been with Asher. She went home wednesday evening, after I had spent a good like 50 hours with her! hehe, we were annoying everyone with our Russian accents! haha.

Erm, yeah. I honestly don't know what i've been doing, at one point this week, I went over to lucy's house, with Asher, and we stayed at Lucy's. It was funny. the day after that I got my hair cut, so that woul have been the wednesday that i got my hair cut. Later on after getting my hair cut, Asher and I tried to bleach my fringe and dye it ble, but we only succeded in bleaching the roots of my fringe, and then dying my roots of my fringe blue.

Aah well, i'll bleach it a few more times, and then it should be good to go.

I also managed to set up broadband on my own!!!Sometimes i surprise myself at my amazing talents.


Yeah, so i'm now liking my college. I didn't before, but i do like it now. Now that i've made new friends, and not hanging around with the people that think they shit gold!!  I have actually been getting stoned far too much tho. Generally on college days, it's more often than not that i get stoned. The past two fridays I've gone to Philosophy stoned, and I don't think that it's the best idea. Aaah well.

Erm, yeah. That's about all really. College = cool, half term has been alright aswell.


Alice xxxx

Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

It's just a Phase. [08 Oct 2005|07:05pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I can't believe how long I haven't written in here for! Ker-azy!

Well, college is lush! I'm loving it alot at the moment, Ll the frees are lush, and seeing everyone. I thought that I wouldn't be seeing the guys at Scat, but i'm seeing them lots, it's lush!!

On tuesdays Lucy and I go to nero, and it's fun, drinking hot chocolate and tea, talking and bitching, and smoking, hehe ♥

Erm, Henery's party was fun, altho it lead to some bad stuff, and some pretty bitchy lying, but meh, that's not really my place to say about it. It was cool tho, talking to Heggie, and Alex Cater!! Haha. Seeing lawrence being molestered all night was fun, and Just generally, it was cool. man, I loved that trampoline!

I love college sooo much tho. It's cool seeing people, and meeting new people etc etc. It beats school x 10 gazzillion!


I'm moving House!!!!

Holly and I went to look around it today, It's properly ours now! We exchanged on Friday, and now we're moving in on Monday!! LUSH!


Right, that's all for a while.


Alice. xxx

Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

My Brown eyed Girl [12 Aug 2005|09:48pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today was cool. Last night Holly came over, and we didn't do much, we watchind Thirteen, and it was pretty damn cool : ) Then this morning we got up and mum gave Holly and I a lift into Ilminster. We got the bus into Taunton, and sat in Vivary for a while, then we went to Poundland, for food - crisps, chocolate and chewits! Hehe, soooo healthy, then we mooched to tescos, and Holly got a camera. We met up with Asher and Lisa at like half 11.

We went to Vivary, again, and just chatted for a while, then Tris and Ant came to say hey. It was cool, we sat and chatted for another while, and then we went to get my nose done. I was really scared, and there were all of us in there, Me, Asher, Holly, Lisa, Ant and Tris, and then I went into a little room, and Lisa came in and held my hand. Hehe, bless her, even though she hates needles and blood! Hehe. I was soooo happy when i'd had it done tho. It didn't hurt at all, and i thought my eye would water like hell, but it didn't at all! I got really excitable then, and we went to buy some more studs for my nose. I got an emerald green gem, and a green star stud.

Yeah, so basically today, we just chilled in vivary. It was cool seeing Asher and Lisa again. Lucy was going to come in, but she couldn't, which was a bum, but we should be meeting up again sometime because asher wants hers done soon. hehe, she got all excited after I got mine done, and Holly wants a madonna. I reckon it would really suit her loads : ) Yeah, so that was my day. basically. It was cool

Oh, and two BIG catterpillars fell on asher, when we were sitting under a tree waiting for the bus. they were UGLY!

Alice xxxx

Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

I dug a Cat Who Swung with his Wife <3 [23 Jul 2005|06:09pm]
[ mood | content ]

Well, It's Saturday. Last night Holly and I went to Flicks, to see Adequate Seven. It was soooo cool! Weapons of Brass Destruction played, and Holly, Me, Nicky, and sometimes Sarah were skanking around like Emos!! You would have been proud Asher!! Hehe, it was sooo cool,  and it was just generally cool. Holly, Sarah and i stood around complaining about how many people Nicky was talking to, and being generally un-sociable, until the skanking started, then we were skanking with fooking everyone!! Hehe! It was sooo good, and SOOOO sweaty! Argh! My shirt was wet with mine and other people's sweat! I got someones sweat in my mouth!! Wooop! Haha. it was the joint best flicks gig I've been to, joint with when me and Max went and saw Encyclopedia and MU330. That was another good 'un! But then Reece the drunken bastard had to go and get thrown out, before Adequate Seven. And then because he argued with the security guards, he's banned from all of the gigs at flicks now. Altho I'm sure if he behaves himself, he should be able to go. Whitmore are playing at Flicks!!! It\s insane! But what is insanely irritating, is that I'll be down in Cornwall, so I won't get to see them. AND pickled Dick are supporting. :( I love Pickled Dick, I haven't seen them since the first time I saw them. I think I've seen Encyclopedia the most. Like 4 times I think?

Erm, yeah, on Wednesday night (Sorry, I know I'm going backwards, but that's because I'm mentally retarded) Wednesday Night, I went to Chloe's house for a BBQ / tenting campover thing. It was cool, I saw Lois again! hehe, she looks so cool with her hair all short again! I love her, and have missed her alot. Erm, I saw Chloe and Jessie, who I'd missed a bit, and Amy Morris and Charlotte. The rest of them, I had barely missed at all. Susie I'd missed a bit, and I know it makes me sound mean, but I'd barely missed the others at all.

It was alright, erm, i texted tris alot that night, and just talked to Amy, Lois and Charlotte mostly. Amy and Charlotte shared my tent, and it was cool,Lois had to go home early.

Then, this morning, (Holly stayed over, after the gig last night,) we looked at the Prom CD rom, with all the pictures on it! Hehe, slagging off people's dresses and stuff!! But what suprised me was how nice Sarah Northover looked! She's not that attractive usually, but she looked really pretty! Asher looked gorgeous, and Danielle and Emmas dresses were cool, seeing as they were the same!! I really liked Sarah moore's Dress!! That was sooo cute! And in one photo, Vikki Gauler has a fag in her hand! I mean, it is an outside picture, but it just kind of spoils it a bit you know? it makes the picture look trashy.

Yep, so that's my weekend and most of last week really. on Sunday i went to Annabel's House, to say goodbye when she went off t turkey at 3am Monday morning!! I then Came back from Butleigh on Tuesday. it's like my second home!! I had a water fight with harry and Josh on Tuesday! I got COMPLETELY drenched, and they barely got splashed, until Stuart attatched a hose upstairs, opened a window and sprayed it all over Harry and Josh! It was so funny. Altho i did end up walking round the village drenched from head to foot. my converses were FULL of water! They were squelching all over the place. it was so yucky!

Well, I'm now waiting for my mother to get home, I haven't seen her since wednesday, because her and Robert have been off togeher, and should be getting back later on.

So, i need to tidy up. the house is a tip, and they've only been gone like 4 days!! :D

Alice xxxx

Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

My Only Desire [14 Jul 2005|09:40pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Well. Erm, It's Thursday today, that means, Wednesday - yesterday, I went to Holly's house, and we went up to the playing fields for a game of velcro mitts, and ball! And we had a picnic, and sunbathed. We tried playing frisbee, but Hollie's frisbee is shockingly awfull, you throw it one way, and it comes back a completely different way! Like a fucking boomerang! Yeah, so that was yesterday, we were up there for a while, erm, came back to holly's and just shat about a bit. We were making our eyes really colourful with all of our makeup! it was cute :) I had rainbow eyes <3 I wish i had a picture! :)

Erm, today Holly and I went into Yeovil, and it was cool, we went to the beach (the grass bit by the church) and stayed up there most of the day. Erm, i got House of Pain - Jump Around on 12" vinyl!! hehe, love it!!! and Holly got like a punk box set of CDs. It was a cool day. We met up with Reece, and his friend Sam, and they're cool :)

Erm, yeah. It's been a good weekend! Eating lots of icecream, and wearing sunlotion.

The skin on the back of my neck has started to peel, it's soooo nasty. It made me feel ill when i was trying to get rid of the skin. Exfoliator hurts too much to use. Bleurgh, i'm just covering my neck up atm.

That's enough now.

Alice xxxx

Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

We had our dreams, Charlie. [12 Jul 2005|12:23pm]
[ mood | emo ]

Well, i haven't updated this mother in a while, i would write about nass, but frankly, i can't be bothered.

Erm, yeah, in my last entry i said jake wouldn't come over. Turns out... he didn't, his grandad had a stroke, so i thought i'd let him off this once!!!

I haven't done much recently, holly and I have taken up tennis this summer. It should be cool, it means being out in the sun, and getting some excersize,, so all should be cool. We're also well on the way to becoming pro-frisbee players!! wooop!!

Hmm.... Hopefully i should be going to see annabel soon, still haven't seen her.

I missed the prom, but i hope everyone that went had a good time, i saw a picture of the back of asher, and her dress, and hair looked sooo purdy!! :)

Me and asher have decided to be emo sometime this summer, and attract some emo boys, so i've spent the morning taking emo pictures. I've only got two, but i've posted them on her myspace!! I've even done the star on my wrist!! SOOOOOOOO EMO! haha! Love it. I think i shall write about nass later, i've written about it in my diary, so i''ll probably just copy it out of there. It's 3 pages in my diary, so i think i might chop some bits out of it.

Anyway, got to go and put my pictures on Ashers Myspace, and then find some emo laddies on FaceParty mes thinks!! hahaha! <3

Alice <3

Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

The Prodigle Son [28 Jun 2005|08:37pm]
[ mood | Blah ]

Well, I've done very little, the past few days. Jessie cut my hair, it looks tres tres bad, but people like it. I don't like it, not one single bit. But i can't get it cut till like next week, so... Jake is coming round at the weekend, altho i have a feeling that something will happen, and it won't happen. I hate getting those feelings, because it usually means that i'm right, and something bad will happen, and it will be gay, but i hope i'm wrong.

My hair does look like some 30year old woman's hair. it's not good. I look slightly like a lesbian, so i'm wearing lots of skirts. It doesn't look so bad when i put it up in pigtails, i look like an anime charachter tho, tiny weeny pigtails, sticking out, and a large emo fringe.

On the plus side, the colour of my hair is gorgeous! It's like black and red, it has reddish roots, and then the rest is black, but when the sun hits it, it looks more red. : )

Hmmm, might go and see annabel this week, i haven't seen her for a while.

Meh, my life is so exciting. Blah.



Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

An ending fitting for the start [23 Jun 2005|07:22pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Woah! I haven't written in here for QUITE a while. So i think that this is going to be one of those annoyingly long posts that goes on for quite some-time, and will probably bore the majority of people. But no matter. I'll write the main points in BIG writing, so you can just read about those things. These two points are DOWNLOAD and JAKE. Right, first thing is first...


Well, I can't really explain download in words, it was so amazing! If you imagine me spinning around in circles and going YEAH!!! At the top of my voice, that's how good it is. I swear i orgasmed like 10 million times that weekend, mainly when seeing Trivium play! The lead singers tounge!!! WOAH! 

Friday: We got to Donnington park at about 7:30ish, I had missed the majority of My Chemical Romance's set, well, no, I heared all of MCR's set, and most of The Used's set, and some of Garbage's set, whilst pitching tent in the campsite, and that was cool, it got me sooo damn excited. Donald and I set up our tents, and then i met up with Max and Carl. We just sat there for a while, just listening to Garbage. My legs were too tired to walk to the arena, I'd just been carrying all of my stuff for like 20 miles!! I was all set up to go and see Napalm Death, instead of Feeder, but i realised that I would have to see them on my own, because Donald had already gone to the napster stage to see raging speedhorn, or fog horn - some type of horn - So i went with Maxwell and Carl to go and see good old Feeder. They were suprisingly good actually! I thought that they would have got bottled. I was kind of worried, but they didn't. It was good. Then went back to tent, had some noodles, and slept! (Also dumped Max - but it is good, we're still friends)

Saturday Woke up, got dressed, noodles for breakfast, went to queue up to get into the arena! Donald and i met a really cool welsh man. Don't know his name, but he was twenty, his birthday is on the 11th July, and he dressed up as a zombie for Send More Paramedics on Sunday. Watched trivium, then went to the Snickers stage, and saw a band, and then Unearth, and then Anthrax, and then Bullet for my valentine, and then a bit of HIM, but they were shite, so i went back to see more Bullet for My Valentine, and then I saw Lamb of God, and a wee bit of Velvet Revolver, then came back to the Snickers stage for Chimaira, but i got a text from Daniel, saying that he was at the gate waiting for me, and his ticket, that i had. So i missed the vast majority of Chimaira : (  I only saw their last song.After Chimaira.... IN FLAMES! They were amazing!! And then to COMPLETELY end my Saturday, I went to see Black FUCKING Sabbath!! Oh-My-Holy-Mother-Fucking-God!!! It was amazing, Daniel, Donald and I, just stood there, completely dumbstruck! It was so surreal, I don't think any of us could actually believe that we were there! Saturday, went back to the tent, got somewhat stoned and drunken Excessive amounts of noodles were consumed Hehe :) All i can say really about Saturday night is: 'Batti Batti.... Pootang..... Onion Bhagee'

Sunday: Woke up feeling rather rough. i felt so fucking bad.Noodles for breakfast.. We went and queued up for the arena, and again, another bottle fight started.I saw Leon! He's a guy i know off MySpace, but I didn't say hi, cuz I'm gay. But he was pretty. Anyway, we went to see The Mascara Story, Daniel and Donald ate pizza, and didn't like the band, -too emo- and so we mooched around, and watched Acid Tone!! Oh-My-God!! They were sooooo good!!! they're all like 15! And they're IRISH! They are like RATM/Killswitch/Sikth and In Flames, all-at-once! Hehe! If you ever get a chance to see them, go!! They're amazing!! Erm, after that I saw Mudvayne!! They were good! Very good. Very very good! : ) The singer isn't very pretty at all though. Unfortunately I missed Society 1's singer sting himself up on meathooks, but thankfully, he did break the record. Which is nice. : ) Then, after Mudvayne - Who were very very good, I saw the erm... 'wonderful' Papa Roach!! Get In!!! Erm, yeah, i only saw them, so that i could get close to see KILSWITCH ENGAGE!!! Beyargh!!! They were amazing! I came a good few times during that set! It was tres tres tres good!! erm, then i went to the snickers stage to see.... Shadows Fall. There was a boy standing infront of me with a VERY nice bum! Hehe, yeah, they were good, but i got hungry, so as i was walking out of the snickers tent, i bumped into donald, and we went back to the tent to eat... noodles, woop. yeah, so we thought that we'd miss Nightwish. Oh....no. We didn't. They were REAL late, and only played 4 songs! And there i was thinking there was no God!! Yeah, so after noodles, i went from the tent back to the stage. At the tent we heared a cheer, and we - Donald, Daniel and I- thought Slayer had come on, but they hadn't. Nightwish were just late, so i watched some of nightwishes set. Well, i say some, i watched all of it, but it only lasted 15 minutes, so i felt blessed. After Nightwish there was Slayer!!Wooooo!!! Erm, yeah, they were, good. By good i mean YAY!! YAY!! YAY!! So yeah, Slayer, I thought they were good... After Slayer only bloody came Slipknot!!! Oh yes!! I was really close for most of the set, but i couldn't breathe because of all the damn dust, so i had to go to the sde, but i was still pretty close. And they did the 'everyone get down' and like 60,000 people all couched on the floor. It was seriously one of the most amazing things ever! And then everyone jumped up at one point in the song and started moshing! I swear, I've never been so scared, i thought that i'd never get up, and be crushed!. Yeah, so i think Slipknot were the Highlight of my week. They were so amazing! AND I haven't even talked about Carey's Drum solo! Holy Mother Of Pearl!!!The drum set went up, about 6 or 7 feet, off the stage, and then started spinning. Then it stopped spinning, and the drum set got lifted up, 90 degrees, so that it was literally vertical, Joey was looking straight down at the floor, and then, it started spinning again! All of that, whilst Joey was doing an amazing drum solo. I swear I came then!! And yeah, Durning Slayer, it was really nice blue skies, and thenWhen Slipknot came on, all these dark clouds came over, and it started raining! Hehe, i thought that was quite amusing. After Slipknot, was System of a Down! It was SO amazing! They played such an amazing, set, with lots of songs off mesmorize, and lots of old songs, and a couple of songs off Hypnotize. AND I was standing next to a really pretty boy Hehe : ) After System, i couldn't stop buzzing, went back to the tent, had noodles, and then i got real tired, so i went to sleep whilst Donald and Daniel started riots! Haha!!

Monday : Went home, and showered!!! And slept. : )

Right. Had enough of writing all of this, so i'll write about Jake some other time. He's beautiful!


Aww, my baby!!!

Alice xxxx

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Woah. [09 Jun 2005|09:44pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I cannot believe it, tomorrow, i'm off to Download. This is unbelieveable! It's so crazy! It's come round so fast! hehe, me and Donald went shopping for food today, we bought 25 packets of noodles!! Hehe!! I love it! I'm sure to be buying lots of merch at download!! Wooot! Max is getting there early and saving me and donald spaces for our tents. It still hasn't really sunken in, plus i've drunk lots of champagne and fizzy rose tonight. My mum has been trying to get me drunk! hehe. I have 4l of vodka and coke!! woo! and some rather lovely tobacco, in three flavours! Peach, Cherry and Coconut.

Jacob sent me a really sweet text wishing me good luck on my exams! bless him, he's so lovely. We're going campping together next weekend! hehe, my mum has given me the 'sex is the enemy' talk quite a few times after hearing that. Blah, she's so protective. Fecking wierdo! hehe, well, i am going to have THE lushest weekend of my life this weekend! hehehe!! I cannot wait!!

Good luck to everyone on their english and citizenship exam, i won't be able to concentrate for more than like 10 minutes! eeek!! hehe, i need to try and sleep later, but i'm not sure if it will work, i need to carry on packing. Jessie, i might borrow your red converse? You said they needed wearing in a bit...

Hehe, i know you wouldn't mind and everything!!



Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

Born of a broken Man [05 Jun 2005|02:54pm]
[ mood | tired ]

My god! this revision stuff is sooooo fucking boring!! I usually do my revision, sitting outside, in the garden, having some shmokes, and drinking some sort of squash (with a wee bit of vodka in it!!) but it's raining, and i'm saving my vodka for download, and i'm inside so i can't have a smoke, so there is no use. I've got distracted. BLAH!

I haven't done nearly enough revision for Physics. i've done quite alot of Biology, and a good lot of Chemistry, but no-where near the amount i should be doing for physics. It's just so fooking boring!!! I think i'm going to cry.

I went on Myspace to try and see if i can message someone, no one worth messaging is online, no one is online on MSN, i phoned my wee Jakey, but his phone is turned off.

Well, on a plus side, my dahling vater and I went into Salisbury yesterday! hehe, so good for shopping, and he bought me a tent pack, which includes a tent, 2 sleeping bags and 2 roll mats. All for 50 quid! bit of a bargain there! <3 I also got a gas stove for cooking le supernoodles on... And then we went to T.K.Maxx!! Hehe, j'adore!!! I got a cute t-shirt, which has the mad hatter on it, and it says 'if you don't think, you shouldn't talk' and it's black, and the picture is red and white, with red writing. And then this rather emo t-shirt, with a polo-shirt collar, and yellow, green and white stripes! if you have seen Jessie's red white and blue one, then it's kind of like thet, but green, yellow and white, and it's all yellow on the back, except for a little bit of the stripes right at the top, across the shoulders. I also got a really cool pair of hurley board shorts! hehe, they're brown, with pink and white criss-cross patterns, kind of like overlapping squares :s and they have a yellow and a pink printed flower at the bottom. There was this really cute kind of non-stretchy strapless top, with a gnome and a rainbow in it, and it said rock city on it, but it was WAY tight around my boobs. Damn them!

Well. Congratulations for reading all of that!!



Argh! Jake went to see Audioslave last night!! How jealous of him am i!?!?! - Well, i'll tell you. ALOT! He gets to see audioslave, and i went to twickenham, to watch a rugby game, and to be chatted up by these drunken 30-40 yr old men, Bleurgh. It was funny tho, they started talking to hannah (my cousin - i went with her, dad and uncle Malcom), and then a really scary one started asking me about kissing on first dates, or in like rugby crowds, i was like, yeah, i'd do that, just with someone my own age!! Hehe, they then said me and hannah should go drinking with them. we were like erm... yeah, and when they were like come on then?! and so we 'popped to the loo' and ran away from them!! hehe.

Well, that was a joyous ramble.


Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

Get Cape [28 May 2005|06:20pm]
[ mood | good ]

Hmm, well, last night holly came over, and we didn't do too much at all really. It was cool tho. :)

Today went into yeovil with Holly and my Dad. Got Nass tickets Woot! Also go a HIM album, and Rock and Roll High School. With the Ramones in it! :) Hehe <3

So yeah, i'm now at Max's, and we're watching the film, and its really cool :) Max isn't paying attention tho, he's playing his gee-tar. We might be going out for dinner later! Ohh lala!!



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And never again, and never again, they gave us two shots to the back of our heads. [21 May 2005|12:07pm]
Well, i haven't written in here for a while.

So, yeah. Yr 11 has now ended. Kapeesh.

It's pretty damn sad really, but i guess it just has to happen doesn't it really. Meh. Now the exams. Eeeek! First one on tuesday! Bah!!!

Hmmm... Only 19 days till download now! It's getting so close, i think it should be fooking damn amazing! Hehe, i'm so excited about it! Then prom, then NASS, then a load of other stuff. Like....

Maybe moving down to Bournemouth!!! I would really quite like it actually. It would be cool to just completely change, have a fresh start for college and stuff. I can't imagine jessie would be too damn happy if we did move down to bournemouth tho. I would, there are lots of pretty boys down there! Hehe <3

Gah. Last night went to well, i don't know what the fook it was, but it wasn't too amazing. We being me and holly, jessie jem, mima and some other people went , from the shed, to a field. It was then decided that the field wasn't good enough, so we went to a forest. Gah.

It was, erm... wonderful. To be honest i would have rather gone to flicks!! Hahaha.

Then it got dark, walked back into somerton, going through lower somerton, i swear it took less time. Went back to holly's. Her dad cooked us egg fried rice! Hehe :) Then went to bed.

Well. Now it's saturday, i'm at Holly's and Max is coming over to my house later, so i need to be there to welcome him to my humble abode.

I'd really like to move to Bournemouth.

It would be cool <3

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Bleurgh. [15 May 2005|11:08am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I really must stop going to all of these fooking chavvy parties. They're bloody shite. I think i'll just stick to Flicks from now on.

Flicks was sooooooo amazing on friday night! Blargh! Encyclopedia played!!! I'm in love with ben, i think Max was getting jealous, at how much i love Ben!!! hehehe Yeah, so i was loving Encyclopedia, and it was really cool, then grown at home cme on, and they're exceptionally cool...


MU330 played!!!! BLARGH! i love them so much! One of the trombone players was like "Woah, you guys, this song is for all the punk rockers out there, it's not for the faint hearted, or the squeamish etc" but he had like a gruff kind of american kind of shouty and pretty damn scary voice! Then, he started singing that "why do birds, suddenly appear, every time, you are near" song, in a really angelic voice! I nearly weed it was so funny!!!

Oh My God.

All the way through MU330 playing, i was standing like RIGHT next to smiley Ben, from Encyclopedia!!!! AAAAAAARGH! I was going to say hi or something, but i just gaped like a fish. I'm a retard. Yup, but he did grin at me! i nearly weed then. I'm not 100% sure i didn't!

Also went on a search for my prom dress! hehe, i have 2 ideas, and both of then are so cool!!! I have a faourite idea, but the other idea is cool aswell.

Beh, right, that's about it, Yeah, last night went to a gay chavvy party. A friend of Annabel's party. Bleurgh. I should stop going to them, they just depress me. All the girls dancing like whores, and the guys loving it. And wen i said that because one of the girls didn't dance like a whore it made her more attractive, they were like What?!!? - there were four girls, one of them wasn't dancing like a whore, and i thought that she was the prettiest, basically. Fuck me, you should have heared what they were like!! Bleurgh. I dislike chavs emmensely, except the chav (who wasn't really a chav)who wasn't dancing like a whore. She was pretty and seemed sweet.

The guys at that party all think i'm at least Bi now, i was whipping sarah ass, in an attempt to make fun of the whoreish dancing going on. They didn't get it. Bloody think as you like they were.

Right, that really is all now.


Alice. <3


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And naturally it's taken control of me [04 May 2005|02:16pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I miss art. : ( Never thought i'd say it, but I'm missing it. I want to do some Donnie Darko art for my next room. Wherever that will be. Someone else has bought the cute house in Somerton. My father is such an asshole sometime, although i'm not sure this time it's entirely his fault, although i'm sure my mother would love for me to believe that.

Well, all music is out of the way.

Next - Exams. Oooh, hold me back, i can hardly wait. *vomits*

Hehe, Rocky is lying under my chair, he looks so sweet, curled up around the chair leg. i'd love to be a dog. it's be suce an easy life really, doing nothing. Although I do like the whole opposable thumbs thing!  - Always useful!



I'm very hungry all of a sudden.

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This is what comes of being left on your own for too long. [03 May 2005|01:56pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Hooligan Bear
Hooligan Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Gangsta Bitch!
You're Gangsta Bitch Barbie. You're tough and you
like it rough, and of course you like to pop a
cap in any wiggers ass.

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
brought to you by Quizilla

Your Gothic... Maybe even a bit Vampyric... Your
very sensitive, sometimes you can be outgoing
in your own population. Your sometimes Lonely,
but when your alone your much happier. If your
suicidal, it's okay, because your the kewlest
person I know!....well don't actually know you
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Die Young and Save yourself [03 May 2005|12:58pm]
[ mood | crushed ]


I officially have mumps. :'( I'm off school until monday, and it's gay.

I went in to school, to record my piece, it went shit. They treated me like i was a terrorist or something, the bell went, and i was wisked away so fast! Henry tried to talk to me, but i couldn't because i might get attacked by Mrs Miller. Bleurgh. It was awful. I could have cried when trying to record it. I could play the whole thing perfectly when i left the house.

My day has been shit. I want to cry. I think i'm going to cry. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah. :(

We didn't get the house in Somerton, my dad's an asshole. I have mumps. I have period pains. My jaw hurts, i recorded my music, it went shit. I barely finished each time, It went soooo horribly wrong. I hate it all sooo much. I'm going to Fail music. Badly.

My mum bought me chocolate, but i don't even feel like eating it. I feel like shit.

I'm going to go and hang myself now.


Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

Killer, Intruder, Homicidal man, If you see me coming Run as fast as you can. [30 Apr 2005|01:41pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Well, I can't actually remember what happened, Thursday at school. It's only 2 days ago, but it seems like YEARS ago! Obviously Intruder Thurday evening. It was fun, with the teachers saying DON'T MOSH! I swear they were texting each other on their mobiles "They're getting rowdy down the front here, i'm going to be needing some backup!" Hehe, then i had my Vodka and Coke, and Amy and Lois! the bloody winos!! hehe, Amy was like pass the vodka back, and lois was like, save me some! haha! Those two suprised me quite alot! Intruder were very good, what i've come to expect from them really! With a bit of Jonny B. Good! (is there an E?) Meh. Dancing crazily with Lois, who did a twisty thing, and then jumping around crazily to enter sandman, and loosing my shoe! Holly bit Phelan's elbow!! Haha He had a bit of skin dangling off it! It was soooo gross, but soooo funny! he had his arm round matt, and, to be fair, he was waving it around loads in people's faces, i was nearly hit by it a couple of times. We laughed so much! When Mima was singing, Jem came up behind me and grabbed my hands and made me clap, my hands stung so bad!! Then i wanted to make Holly go crowdsurfing, and all the guys were going to pick her up! She nearly cried! It was so funny! <3

Then back to Joes, where i had sone of a j, and drunk copious amounts of  cider, and bacardi, and beer and just loads of stuff really! I loved it, they played like the macarena or something! hehe. Lots of intresting stuff went on, erm.. yeah. It was funny when Kretz was caught in a bedroom with Harriet! Lets just say she's now ahem, "aquainted" with Steven!! Haha, all of this scandal! It amuses me so much! I love it all! <3 I stayed at Holly's on Thursday night, and it was cool. Holly's dad was like "eat!" He always is! It's so funny!

My mum picked me up sometime on friday and i went to Max's. He had the mumps, (which i think me may have given to me :s) Yeah, apparently i had to look after him. So i went over to his, and my idea of "looking after him" was watching loads of Nickelodeon - Fairly Odd Parents Marathon!!! *Get in* and then he watched Shawshank redemption, whilst i slept.

Then we watched Arthur!!! Yay! Lots of Childrens TV really!! Hehe.

Yeah, then Flicks, later on Max couldn't go because he was contajus. (I know, i can't spell) and it was cool, i hung around with Quayle, Joe and Liz, and kind of with Stu hedderwick aswell. Mike and kafrin were there, Donald is an Asshole. Sorry Katherine, although i'm sure you'd agree with me there! hehe I love you darling! Hope you're feeling better soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anyway. 4ft Fingers were very good, as were Triggerfish, King Tut's Revenge, Oooh, i can't remember the bastards, but it was a very good gig <3

Which brings me to today, I woke up, and my jaw was swollen, it was swollen yesterday, but i put it down to the hardcore moshing (ha!) of intruder! But it's more swollen now, so i text max to tell him that he's infected me, and better not see me, but he's coming round to look after me tonight, and probably staying till monday - wen we're going to the Kingsbury MayDay thing! Oooh, it's so quaint1 I love that little fete thing! <3



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Shoop Shoop, Shoop De Lang De Lang [27 Apr 2005|08:16pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hehe, check this out:

You Are Gwen Stefani!

All guys dream about you
And all the girls want to be you
"Sappy pathetic little me
That was the girl I used to be"

Who's Your Inner Rock Chick? Take This Quiz :-)

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You Are Lara Croft

"Everything lost is meant to be found."

What Superheroine Are You?

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Oh. Hooray?!

You Should Be In The Donnas

You've got that a bit of an edge to you
The bad girl that all the good boys want!

What Girl Group Should You Be In? Take This Quiz :-)

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Hehe, yay! those guys rock!

Your Inner Eye Color Is Green

You're off-scale unique and creative - just like green eyes

You're peaceful, relaxed, and easy to be around

You've got an exotic flair that draws men in... with unique beauty.

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Yay!! Good god, these things do have some of the wierdest quizzes!

You are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.
You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.
Also nostelgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.

What Kind of Chocolate Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

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I was hoping for White chocolate, but meh!

You are Barefoot!

You're a total free spirit, go with the flow girl

You can't be restricted by shoes for very long

And unsuprisingly, the same goes for men

Your match is out there - and he's as carefree as you are

What Shoe Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

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Right that's all for now

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I'll Never Sleep Alone [27 Apr 2005|07:03pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hey. Erm, today i didn't go to school, so i slept in till 10, then got up, and played piano for like 2 hours, trying to learn this song, then there was this BIG storm, so me and the dogs watched Shrek 2, because they were scared, and like Shrek (obviously!)Erm, watched some Lizzie McGuire, - Yes, i'm cool!!! And some recess and stuff...

Played more piano, then Mum got home, and we tried to lay some flagstones infront of the fron door, we cracked both of them, and now have a *ahem* "beach" as mum puts it. Basically some soggy sand, and some puddles. Hmmm... Here are the results.. I know, it's pathetic.

beachCollapse )

Yeah, i'm going to play some more piano, and eat some apples and pringles. That is what i will be doing tonight, oh, and a shower, due to the excessiva amounts of sand on my legs. Haha.

A picture of Jessie and Katherine, I think they look cute.

FairiesCollapse )


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All the strangers came today, and it looks as though they're here to stay. [24 Apr 2005|09:07pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Well, This weekend has been amusing. Friday night got home, did art, after doing 2 hours art at school. I did 4 pieces, 2 were half a main piece each, one was another main piece, and the other is a supporting piece, based on a geogia o'keefe piece.

Art PiecesCollapse )

Yep, so friday night went to flicks and saw the filaments, and The peacocks. It was good, I was worried that something bad would happen, but it didn't, even though i had to wait around for like an hour, but i used my time wisely by going up to Tescos and getting Wheat Crunchies. I know... On my own, Friday night, In Yeovil. i'm good at this safety concious thing!

Saturday did my Graffiti main piece, finished off my georgia o'keefe painting, and did some washing *must get that washing out, in time for tomorrow* And then i went to Max's.

Got to max's and went to Blockbuster, and we rented Saw, Exorcist, The Beginning and The Grudge. I wanted to rent out Snow White, but max wouldn't let me. :( Yeah, so got back, and just did nothing really, except watch the films, I was tired after all of the art, and Flicks the night before. I swear Max is an insomniac, he got up at like half eight saturday, and didn't go to sleep till like 2, and went to flicks with me friday. Aaah well. Saw was good, quite scary really, but it was good. I fell asleep during Exorcist, and then The grudge was also good. We watched that this morning. Erm, we stayed in bed till like 1 i think! I stole Max's peacocks T-shirt to sleep in! Haha!

Watched the OC! And Alex is SO gorgeous!! Not as nice as Kiera Knightly though.

Came home, finished off my Psychoanalysis art piece, with jem modelling for me, and then me, modelling for Jem (he took the 1 of me washing my hands) and that's it really.

I need to find stuff to wear for tomorrow. Who knows what i'll wear!! Hehe, Jem's wearing all of Jessie's clothes i think, because he forgot about it being mufti.


Can't Someone Talk Dirty?

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